STUDIO PROPOLIS is a design workshop setup by husband and wife team Naeem Biviji and Bethan Rayner in 2005. We spent the first 15 years of our practice based in Nairobi, Kenya and now have bases in both the North-West of England and Nairobi. Our work combines a formal education as architects with an informal training as furniture makers. We are passionate about making things and we work with different materials across disciplines and scales. Our strength lies in our ability to oscillate comfortably between designing and making.

The relationship between locally available materials, where ever we are working, and our own craft culture informs how we make and how we design. Our workshop forms the core of our studio practice. The ability to continually test ideas through prototyping and production underpins our methodology. It has given us space to innovate and experiment, building an intimate knowledge of how things are made and how to build locally.

Our commissions have been diverse and projects range from design and build architecture projects to custom joinery to designing and prototyping furniture for ourselves and other companies to produce. We have an on-going collection of pieces, a small selection of which are available through our online shop page.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with us, we would love to hear from you.